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Men’s Sheer Blue Floral Dress Shirt


  • Sheer navy blue fabric.
  • Velvet floral print.
  • Cufflink cuffs.
  • Genuine mother of pearl buttons.
  • Polyester fabric with a sheen.
  • Size small.
  • Designed and handmade in Sydney, Australia.

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Handmade MTTC jacket from the ‘La Victoire’ couture collection.

Make a statement with this shirt! Made from a sheer navy blue fabric with a subtle floral velvet print, this is the perfect dress shirt for your next forma occasion. The fabric has a slight sheen so that it catches and glistens in the light, and it buttons on genuine mother of pearl buttons that complement this fabric perfectly. It is a classic cufflink cuff.

Size: Small

Get the velvet jacket.

Get the velvet trousers.

Cufflinks and collar chain not included.

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