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Black Metallic Stripe Cotton Velvet and Chain Evening Gown


  • Cotton velvet with metallic stripes.
  • Unique new vintage fabric.
  • Chain details and belt.
  • Easy to wear with hook clasps.
  • Dramatic leg split.
  • Breathable fabric.
  • Handmade and designed in Australia.
  • Showcased at Vancouver Fashion Week.
  • Published in Gezno and Kazarj magazines.

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A dazzling black metallic striped cotton velvet gown that is sure to be the showstopper at your next event. Made from a soft and breathable fabric that is vintage stock, so you won’t see another dress like this anywhere else. Accentuated with gold velvet threaded chains, this dramatic leg split gown is easy to wear with hook up clasps down one side and a belt at the waist. It absolute sparkles in the light as you move (watch the video here).

Size: Small

Seen at Vancouver Fashion Week and featured in Gezno and Kazarj magazines.

This is an exclusive design by MTTC, handmade in Australia.